$495, Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 Sneakers Has everyone Talkin’

Whether it is at Union Square, Footlocker, Nike outlet, or any sporting outlet, you would see people lined up for the big names. The signature shoes of Kobe, Durant, Under Armors Currys, Lebrons, and Air Jordans almost on every stack. You would not expect Lonzo Ball’s Z02 right? Or would you?

At this time a lot is going on. Draft night is coming up, the summer is here, playoffs are going on or near to the end, a new champion is or will be crowned unless the Cavaliers don’t repeat, and obviously players who are entering the draft are working out like “crazy.” However, things are going a bit differently with the Ball family. Yes Lonzo Ball has announced via Slam Magazine that his new signature shoe, BBBs ZO2 will hit the market around the beginning of the 2017-2018 NBA season.

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