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Adidas D Rose 6

The Adidas D Rose 6 are perhaps the most popular adidas shoes in the market today. We believe it connects with the mass on a different level. Perhaps it is the style and engineering of the shoe, perhaps it is the performance. Regardless, it is one of the most marketed pair of sneakers in the world today. There should be couple of valid reasons why it is on the top shelf.

Features and Details

  • Weave/Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures roughly 5.5" from arch
  • boost 's energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply
      of light, fast energy
  • Breathable and flexible adidas Primeknit upper for an enhanced fit
  • Combined cage for constancy

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Traction – So far, Adidas has been the leader in traction. Indoor or outdoor platforms are dominated by Rose series. Specifically, the D Rose 6s are at the very top when it comes to traction. You rarely hear people complaining about the traction on these sneakers. The exterior teeth may ware out due to heavy usage, however the main pattern will stay intact the longest. The traction of the D Rose 6s are an absolute treat! You will enjoy it a lot.

Cushion  – Perhaps the best “Boost” system inserted. You will receive more boost in the Rose 6s than any other boost cushioning basketball shoe that has been manufactured by Adidas. You will definitely sense the level of difference this time. Usually, we would agree here that playing outdoors harms your shoes and feet more compared to be playing in indoors. Right? However, with the cushioning of the Rose 6s, the difference is close to none. That alone is absolutely amazing. You will like your youth is back. You feel like you weigh 20 pounds lighter on the feet. Great feeling.

Materials - To be quite honest, the materials actually depends on the style and colorway. Therefore, if you do select the lux editions, which are the bonus editions, or rare collections, you would get the synthetic suede material models.

Fit  - Cannot complain at all when it comes to the fitting. There is a reason why they are the most common adidas shoes in the market today. It fits well. Players can relate to it. If it looks good and the size and fitting is all great, you are going to buy it for sure.

Support  - Adidas did a great job here. They kept the platform flat which actually provides more solidity and mergers strikingly with the fine cushion system. We suggest you to go with the synthetic leather pairs because they will give you the best results in terms of support, fit, and durability as well.

Just like Derrick Rose, the Rose 6s are a beast on the court. You may feel they are bottom heavy at the start but when you get used to them it won’t feel that way anymore, due to the Boost system. Although, various positions can enjoy the D Rose 6s, however we do recommend this for quick guards. It will give them the maximum of whatever a pair of basketball shoes can give. No wonder, people are getting lucky. A lot of them buy the D Rose 6s just for its looks. However, they are getting an unknown bonus at the same time with its superior quality that comes with its enactment.

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