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Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy 1

The Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 1s are back. This pair of basketball shoes was originated by Kobe Bryant, during the early 2000s. It certainly brings back the exceptional support & sustenance which it had almost two decades ago. These sneakers are so unique that adidas brought back “17 years ago old” technology in 2017. Most suited for shooting guards and small forwards. When it comes to protection and cushioning, this is simply the best of the best in that department.

Features and Details

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft processes approximately Ankle" from arch
  • Synthetic upper for toughness and light weight
  • Amplified collar for added comfort
  • Textile lining for ease Infographics

Traction – As Kobe complained years ago and so are players today about the dust. The tiring part is when the dust clogs up on the sole you have to manually clean it yourselves. Yes, that is the sacrifice you have to make. We are too used to these high tech shoes but never are we interested in cleaning and taking care of our baby. It is time to do it. Regular maintenance is key and if done consistently, you are good to go even on the dusty outdoor courts. Cushion – Oh boy, they are using the thickest version of cushioning compared to any in the market. So you’ll receive an enjoyable steady trip from heel to toe!

Materials – Well, to be quite honest synthetic is quite common in the basketball shoe world. No different in the Crazy 1s. Shouldn’t really be complaining though, it is what they do and what he get. No issues really in the quality of the material. We shouldn’t be too greedy!

Support - The primary support comes from the upper part, which does an excellent job. And the rest of the support is situated in the wide base platform. Gives you enough room for even players with wider feet. It is really roomy and cushiony as mentioned earlier. At first you might feel your feet are congested, but actually they are not. It is a matter of getting used to the handle and care that the crazy 1s provide. The Torsion system that they are using for overall support is absolutely fantastic.

If you gave me a choice on which would be the first adidas sneakers you would wear to a game. It would be the Crazy 1s. They are just very smooth and their cushioning and fit is so unique. It is like walking into a luxury hotel and lying down on a water bed. Okay, maybe not the water bed but the soft comfortable bed they have these days at the Hilton. And also, playing in these will be very nostalgic, especially for Kobe Bryant fans. Brings back a lot of championship memories.

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