Portable Basketball Hoop Barbarian Titanium PT-73 Review

Create your future basketball star with the Barbarian Titanium PT-73 Portable Basketball Hoop System. It is definitely one of the best Portable Basketball Hoops in the market today. It surely is a top class portable hoop system for casual, competitive, and collaborating play. The backboard is the backbone of the system and a consistent backboard completes the structure.

It is made from sturdy acrylic and comes with a springy rim and net. The pole is constructed by thick steel which is riding on a poly base. You can fill the base with sand for stability and resilience, making it one of the strongest and unwavering portable hoops as well.

Features and Details

  • 35 inch x 60 inch clear Acrylic Backboard
  • Ez-crank height Adjuster 7.5 to 10 feet
  • 5 years limited Warranty


The Barbarian Titanium PT-73 Portable Basketball hoops is made constructed from full-bodied materials. It can tolerate the beating of strong wind and mother nature. Scoring from the 3-pt range is probably the best feature of this product.

The bounce and the friendly roll that it provides for long range shots is absolutely outstanding. It supports the shooter and gives a great shot on rim feel. You should definitely kindle dynamic enjoyable moments with this fantastic Portable Basketball Hoop.


The Barbarian Titanium PT-73 Portable basketball hoop is specifically designed for people of all ages. The height is adjustable from 7.5 – 10 feet, which ensures competitive play and for the youth. The steel pole does help the hoop to be strong and stable. It is UV-protected and has a high-density polyethylene construction that resists chipping and cracking. Overall, it is a very light, compact, and durable hoop. The convenient part is it has wheels so you can place it where you like or put it away when you are done playing. A unique feature is that the wheels make moving the unit a spontaneous – just slant the body and roll! And for some caution, a protective cushion is incorporated for the pole.


Although it can avoid the chipping and cracking, the bounce off the board is not that natural. It may seem kind of shaky at first after you have set it up, but it is not that shaky. The first impression may be discouraging. Compared to the spalding series’ this portable basketball hoop is kind of shaky after the ball hits the rim, and with its budget it will be. It is breakaway proof but shakes to its limit.

Dunkfeed Lounge: Featuring – Barbarian Titanium

What we can tell you is this company is devoted on providing the maximum quality, durable home and recognized portable basketball hoops and also basketball equipment in North America. It is really common to see Barbarian basketball hoops in suburban driveways, commons, and recreation centers worldwide.

It is surprising to know after some research that no other company in the continent has a superior selection of basketball hoops, prearranged basketball hoops, and equipment. Hundreds if not thousands of pleased customers prove it.

We suggest you to become one of those satisfied consumers by selecting this portable basketball hoop Barbarian Basketball Systems Inc. The tempered glass that comes with the product is friendly to the budget. Usually, with a glass like that you can safely look at the cost of the hoop to exceed the thousand dollar mark.

However, Barbarian did a fantastic job in reducing the price and making it attractive and affordable for the customer. For a portable hoop it has good support overall. The steel pole does help a lot. Poly material base for stability is nothing to complain about. Comes with wheels so you can transport it to any location within your facility. There are no complaints really.

Have a friend or two over to help you set it up within an hour or so. You will not regret this purchase we can assure you! All residential homes should have at least one portable basketball hoop.

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