Best Cheap Basketball Shoes 2019 – Affordable and Good Quality

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

All ballers should have the same goal. That is to maximize their talent as basketball players. Maximize their abilities. Also keep notice of the dough’s balance in your wallet. We all have a certain budget, but also at the same time we cannot disregard our goals right?

It is important to set a certain budget for purchasing basketball shoes. Some of us are fortunate enough to purchase any pair of basketball sneakers in the market. However, most of us need to think twice before considering buying an expensive pair. And the rest of us are counting our money while dreaming of the shoes’ top qualities.


This list or listing is for the players that are less greedy. We don’t mean to say that word in a harsh way but the shoes we are listing below are very affordable and they give you the best you can get within this budget. These are the champion shoes under a hundred bucks. How can you possibly ignore this?

Are cheap Basketball Shoes any good?

The ones we listed above, yes, absolutely! Just because lower budget shoes exist, does not mean they do not work. They are really good basketball shoes considering their budget. You cannot expect certain high grade qualities that you may find in other high end shoes in these low budget shoes. It is not a fair distinction. Not everybody is looking for the highest quality pair. For some of us, under hundred bucks is the perfect budget!

Budget is a very important factor when you consider shopping for basketball shoes. Playing the game you love can come with a price. A lot of us are looking for the prices that are not too high. You might be thinking, “what can we get within our budget and a product that will not fail us?” We are here to help you find what you need within your budget. This page happens to be encouraging cheap basketball shoes, that is the reason you are here in the first place right? Relax, there are some great shoes that are cheap, and sometimes it makes our head scratch. How could they make it so cheap yet it delivers us with precision, texture, and performance? They aren’t that bad at all.

Cheapest Shoes Bang for Your Buck

The basketball shoes that we are recommending you below are the best cheap budget shoes in the market today. We recommend these, and only these, they are our top 10. Choose wisely and play safely!

1. Nike Trey 5 Premium

Nike Men's KD Trey 5 III Basketball Shoes

A great pair of sneakers, really. Materials are constructed of generally foam and mesh. The tongue gels out and also rests on the top of your foot. It is a nice feeling actually, it almost feels like an extra supportive mechanism that is just there to help you and give a tranquil sensation. An advantage, really. Compared to the previous series, this one is overwhelming in terms of cushioning. With the price tag you can get this pair today, the cushioning is a bargain. You are winning the deal by a landslide. These sneakers are designed for the blacktop, therefore their strongest attributes by default is the traction. No complaints, right?

2. Nike Hyperdunk 2015

Without a doubt, one of the most talked about shoes every year is the Hyperdunk series. Requests for reviews come from every direction of this globe. It is fascinating why people are so eager to buy this pair. Pricing and the quality it provides I think are purely fantastic..To be quite honest, they are the Iphones of the basketball shoes industry. What I mean by it is, there is not much difference with an Iphone 7 and an Iphone 7s. Therefore, sometimes a review on a certain version or model that came out in a certain year is not that necessary because it is not much different from the previous year’s model. The 15s are just as great overall. You will not find that big of a difference with the latest series. Trust us!

3. Nike Lebron XIII

At first when we saw this we were not too excited about if it would deliver. It seemed too much like a futuristic designed toy. However, do not let the looks deceive you. At a first glance it may be too futuristically dreary, but it is one of the top performing shoes in the industry, regardless of it’s price. These basketball shoes being on our cheap shoes list is already a bonus for the consumer. The traction and cushioning are undeniably remarkable. To be quite honest, this pair would be even better for larger players. It just gives so much agility, flexibility, and safety. You feel protected, as if nothing would happen to you, nothing bad that is. You can feel safe and comfortable when you decide to go with these. The pricing is just icing on the cake. What are you waiting for?

4. Nike Kobe A.D

The Kobe A.D series is true to itself. It delivers in what it was promised to deliver at. A very simple pair really, it did not enter the market with great expectations. It was simple and solid. Buy it or leave it. It’s fitting is unquestionably prodigious. A very well-balanced shoe from an overall perspective. What we suggest for wide feet players is to go a size bigger than their original size. That is the only recommendation we advice because of the materials the Kobe A.D uses are not so friendly for wide feet players. Going a size over does the trick though.

5. Jordan Rising High

The Jordan Brand in particular has been known for its high budget basketball shoes and other basketball products. Obviously the shoes has been the highlight for almost 3 decades now. However, The Rising High is aneconomical performance model from Jordan Brand which has been accessible for consumers for quite some time now. It is always a treat to get a high-comfort pair of basketball shoes on a low budget. We feel this to be a give away by the Jordan Brand, although they are still charging money for it so technically it is not a giveaway but in their standards it surely feels like one. The traction, cushioning, materials, fit, and support are all highlighted and leads the industry in competitiveness amongst other brands. And yes, they do not fail, not at all.

6. Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2015

Not much of an upgrade from the original Hyperrev, but this pair is certainly the more attractive one. It does not matter really which one you go for, but we suggest you to get this one, if you are contemplating on getting the previous model cheaper. The Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2015s are indeed on the cheap side, so even if you would be paying more, it wouldn’t feel like it because it is still on the cheap side. It is amazing how they squeeze everything within its budget and still keep its traction in a competitive balance in the basketball shoes market. The traction is very consistent. You can depend your ankles on their support. Absolutely, consider it an ankle insurance, almost! Actually you can bargain this pair for a much cheaper price because they perhaps will stop continuing this model.

7. D Rose 773 III

Definitely one of the most popular shoes that Adidas has brought to the basketball world are the D Rose 773 series. The 3rd edition brings some uniqueness to it. Their secret on how their ventilation works is absolutely mind blowing. The best ventilation shoes available in the market today and it is under the cheap basketball shoes category. Nice one Adidas!

Probably also the best basketball shoes for the outdoors. However, it is a very guard oriented shoe. We should give our apologies for Centers or Power Forwards early. These basketball shoes are not for you. It is for everyone that are not the forwards. We highly recommend you purchase this pair. It does not disappoint in terms of pricing and performance.

8. Jordan Melo M13

Melo M13? Yes, Carmelo Anthony has been in the NBA for more than 13 years. Technically 14 years, but this is his 13th edition. Aligned with the Jordan brand and the 2nd Jordan brand shoe that made it on our list, you can only imagine how much of a bargain this is. We always think that Carmelo Anthony is to rich to be playing basketball. He is too well off player basketball. He is too elegant to be playing basketball. So, definitely his signature shoe models will be deluxe, right? But out of the blue, the Melo M13s are really price friendly-low budget basketball sneakers. Even if you buy this for collection, this is your best chance to have one of these. Never know when Melo will bring the luxury back again, so grab a pair before it is too late.

9. Nike Kobe Mentality

Check out the budget on this one. How can you go wrong? You can’t really, that is why Kobe Mentality is so special. They are cheap and they do deliver. A very basic pair of basketball shoes. Simple and neat. Very friendly for the indoors and outdoors. Have you heard of the phrase, “simple is best?” This is the classical example of just that. So, if you are looking for something that is durable, looks great, and gives you just enough bounce, this is the pair to go with.

10. AND1 Mens Ascender

Definitely lookslike a great pair of basketball shoes at the very least. And1 has always indeed been inexpensive. The build quality looks very close to my Adidas basketball shoes. The material may be less quality, but the build is solid. ***Note***One of the pairs we could not get our hands on but our reviews are coming from of one of our close associates experience.

  • Fit: fits snug, but people may want that in a basketball shoe. Shoes will release over time; however, the ankle support is respectable.
  • Comfort: not as comfortable as the And1 Streak shoes, but lets go with satisfactory.

The truncated cut no show socks are not superlative with these shoes.I can sense the material rubbing around the ankles, so I'd suggest other socks rather than the no shows.

It is attractive cause of the pricing and looks really. The shoe is a decent shoe considering the price. We are definitely recommending this.

What should be the highlights in buying basketball shoes that are under $100?

  •  Constricted fitting: Yes, we acknowledge the fact that you are purchasing a pair of basketball sneakers that are below a hundred bucks. However, if it does not fit properly, it is not worth getting. So, spend time in researching it’s fitting and how restricted your feet are in the shoes. Low price or not, do not avoid this category at any expense. You are still paying to wear these shoes. You are within your right for your demands. Do not forget that!

If the basketball shoes are loose just by a bit even, it can be a nightmare for you. So make sure you have the best possible fitting. Don’t have the attitude of not getting the standard or high standard material and settling with whatever you have at front. NO! There are really good shoes under a hundred bucks and we have listed them above. So, we humbly suggest you to select the best pair with the best fitting for your personal size. it is vital for you to have the right fitting basketball shoes.

  • Great Durability: Durability is imperative. You don’t want a pair of sneakers that will fall apart on you in a matter of months and you certainly don’t want a Matthew Bonner (former Spur) incident where one of your shoes chooses to fail you in the middle of a game. As the beginning of the frivolous light weighted sneaker is in full consequence, it is actually going to be quite difficult in finding a pair that is a durable and robust, but it can be done. Read carefully on the durability part of the shoes we posted above.
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  • Style: Yes, okay, sure we are not going to focus on ankle protection this time. I mean, you are after all getting shoes that are under a hundred dollars. However, we do understand that you have strong ankles and are almost immune to any injury. That is why you are here. If you had weak ankles you would be on the other page right?

o, “Style” has to be one of the last attraction or preferences you have in selecting a pair of basketball shoes that are under a hundred dollars. Let us be real here, this quality is one of the first things you are noticing right? Yea sure, you are paying a hundred bucks might as well pick the best looking shoe right? We would not recommend you to solely go with this cause, but also considering the other two points in “Durability” and “Fitting,” the style should also be a factor only if you have considered the other two. After the durability and fitting checks out, yes then you may consider the styling of the shoes. That is the reward you deserve on the basketball shoes that are under a hundred bucks

The Economical Secret?

There is a secret here. Most basketball shoes lasts up to a year or a few years if you are stingy. But its peak ends after the 3rd month of competitive games. Buying shoes under a hundred dollars is a virtuous economical decision. You can perhaps buy two or three pairs with this low budget. You can alternate the shoes if you are a regular player. In this way all three sneakers will last longer and you would not have to spend on basketball shoes every 4 months or so. A good theory is a good theory only when it applies to you. Do consider this tactic, because many of us do this anyway!

DUNKFEED’S Last word?

So, there you go! We have provided you the top 10 basketball shoes which are budget friendly (under $100). Put your chin up high and go for it like you would go for the Jordans! These shoes will not disappoint you, rather you might be converted into a low budget basketball shoes customer. You will be amazed how well companies are creating basketball shoes under a hundred bucks. Sometimes you might think, how did they get this done with only a hundred dollars at retail? If you are luckier, you might get more than what you initially paid and expected. So pick wisely but you cannot go wrong entirely because these are some brilliant choices you can select from. Our regards to you!

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