Demarcus Cousins

DEMARCUS COUSINS NBAThe NBA trade rumors seems to never rest. We are approaching almost the end of the first month of the 2016-2017 NBA season and still the rumors has been swirling all along since the summer. The same rumors and trade discussions that took place last season and in the summer of 16’ are flowing into this season as well. Demarcus Cousins is the one player that is most likely to find a new home before 2016-2017 season’s trade deadline in February. Also, there are auxiliary trades that may take place, only because they make so much sense.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the team in the center of them all. It may look like they are having a wonderful start, decent in the critics’ views, but overall a fresh positive start that they are having since the season opener. They are currently battling to stay consistently at .500. When was the last time we saw the Lakers even close to that? It sure has been several years since.

Even after a positive start for the franchise, they are still looking to upgrade the talent on their roster. For a franchise like Hollywood’s favorite team the Lakers, struggling to be in the playoffs is not their cup of tea. Either win a ring or you don’t. This culture has been in the blood of the franchise for the past several decades.

Demarcus Cousins has been linked to the Lakers for the past couple years. A trade is always hanging but the King’s never did pull the trigger. Now, their investment is starting to turn out to be a disaster. The front office’s sour relationship with Cousins is coming to a peak and the team is definitely considering unloading the big man. However, the clock is ticking for the franchise. The Sacramento Kings is most likely to lose Cousins in free agency. Demarcus Cousins will be a free agent in the summer of 2018. It will be close to impossible to trade Cousins next season because his trade value will sink exponentially. His player value on the other hand is superb. He is after all the best Center in the NBA. That is exactly what the Los Angeles Lakers can experiment upon immediately.

The Lakers need a dominant big man to crash the boards and have an inside presence in offense. Cousins can definitely give all that. The Lakers have the assets. And at this point, they do not have to unload most of their young guns to receive a Cousins. The Lakers can potentially offer D’Angelo Russel and Timofey Mozgov to the Kings for Boogie Cousins. The Kings on the other hand may not receive a better deal than this, which gives them a solid Center in Mozgov and also to be - the future of the franchise at the guard position, with a lot of youth in D’Angelo Russel. It works perfectly for both sides. The Kings get rid of their dismantled Big Man and sends it over to the Lakers to handle him. The Lakers have Luke Walton as the man running their show, who may be able to work with the Big Man. The Laker’s front court will feature two former University of Kentucky forwards in Cousins and Julius Randle.

This is a deal waiting to happen. The Laker’s will not admit it but they will be willing to propose this deal without a doubt. If they receive a confirmation from the Cousins camp regarding signing an extension, it will be only up to the Kings to make a decision on Cousins before the February Trade Deadline.

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