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kevin durant

Can there be any more shooters on a team? Perhaps this is the dynasty that has been on the waiting list for a decade. There hasn’t been a dynasty in the western conference quite like the Lakers in the last decade, well, maybe the San Antonio Spurs, but the GoldenstateWarriors in the starting season of 2016/17 might be the greatest Juggernaut the league has ever seen, yet alone a conference super-team. The shooting makes everyone’s game easier because it avoids less stress and penetration. Think about it, moving the ball constantly in a Steve Kerr offense and having the luxury of the top shooters in the league on the same team with the star power that is naturally there? Come on… this should be a wrap. These players will do damage even without the ball. I smell a lot of decoys. One opens up another. There will be an art exhibition at each of the 82 games and more next season and we cannot miss that, at all costs. This isn’t the 96’ bulls where Rodman would get all the rebounds. Pippen would do everything and Jordan would take care of the offense. This isn’t the Lakers in the 2000s where you keep feeding Shaq the ball, he gets tripled, Shaq dishes out and Kobe takes care of the rest. This isn’t the San Antonio Spurs where you have one of the most unselfish old players in the history of the game of basketball.

This is all of the star power from different era(s) put together in one basket. Rebounds, dunks, dominance, one on ones, shooting, and defense. These Warriors are a unique set. On an offense which makes you genetically unselfish? 73-9 the season before and more amped this season? Is this even fair? To make things worse for the rest of the NBA owners and or players, and or competition. The Golden State Warriors, after the Durant signing, have foul NBA allstars that areunder 29 years old. Think about that for a minute. Don’t think about how great they will be next season, but think about how superb they will be for the next 5-8 years. We can say that Lebron James started all of this. If he hadn’t left Cleveland the first time then we probably would have seen Kevin Durant still in an OKC jersey. Got influenced from peers it seems.

The communal shooting on this team is shocking -- comprising feasibly the two best shooters of our era and probably the greatest shooter ever in Curry. The greatest 7 footer besides Dirk Nowitzki, to ever shoot a basketball, Kevin Durant is about to enjoy the smoothest catch-and-shoot openings he has ever had in his life. The game of basketball is about to get much easier for Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

Defenders will have nightmares guarding Durant, Curry, and Thompson. We can and might as well make an argument of why should they try to guard these guys? The game will be decided before it starts anyway. Fast forward the season to the playoffs. That is where it will get interesting. Funny and scary thing is, even if the Warriors altered nothing about their offensive playbook – Kevin Durant just playing the small forward, which he will fill that of Harrison Barnes, the Warriors could be the greatest scoring team in the history of the NBA. There will be an open lane at all times for cutters. They can create open 3pointers at will, just by consecutively running everyone off picks until some lonely defender falls behind. Rest In Peace NBA!

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