dwyane wade

Dwyane Wade to Chicago

dwyane wade

Probably the biggest news after Kevin Durant’s Warrior’s commitment, Dwayne Wade will be signing with the Chicago Bulls.

This is very much a shocker considering Wade being one of the few loyal allstars in this league, leaving the Heat surely came as a surprise. The Miami Heat did offer wade a 2 year $40 million deal. However, throughout the weeks it has been reported that the Heat did not treat Dwayne Wade with the respect he was demanding. He has been consistently sacrificing a lot of money over the years and the Heat did not seem to be thankful enough. This is probably one of the most frustrating times Wade had to spend in his offseason. Wade has had offers from the Denver Nuggets and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks relate to his Marquette connection. He eventually selected the Bulls, who he watched growing up and being a Chicago native, now he can join fellow Marquette star Jimmy Butler and newly acquired guard – Rajon Rondo.

Wade has settled with to a two-year contract worth $47 million, confirmed by the AP. The Miami Heat, who Wade played for 13 years, offered him a 2 year $40 million deal.

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