Things you have to consider if you want your kid grows up to be a tall man

Did you know Basketball Players are the tallest athletes on average compared to all sports?

Basketball Player Average Height

Ever wonder why or how the players that play basketball on the professional level are so tall? They are so tall that it makes the average people look like midgets. Settings like this make us wonder if basketball is only meant for tall people? Although, it may seem like it but it is not completely true. Basketball is for everyone. Short, tall, fat, thin, muscular, and what not. Size does matter though and taller players usually have an advantage over shorter players. This advantage is critical and can determine an individual’s athlete career, profession, and or overall future in the sport.

Genetics play a big part in a person’s final growth. If you have tall parents and especially a tall mother your chances of become above average actually increases a lot. There is no definite guarantee that you will become tall just because you have tall parents but you are usually on the safe side. What are the chances of our children being as tall as the average basketball player in the NBA when they grow up? Well, the chances are actually really slim, but there is a vital assistance method that may be revolutionary for our readers. It has been perhaps an open secret all these years however, it is the secret that we as parents have been neglecting as well. So what are the methods of achieving the dream of “legitamate height” for our children? First of all make sure your wife or the mother of the children are present as well. Future mothers should also keep an ear on this. It is the mother that holds the key for any added growth of the child. The key substance involved here is milk.

Some Exercises You Can Try

When the mother of the child is pregnant it is important for her to try to develop a habit of drinking milk. If you are pregnant or are actually thinking on getting pregnant this is something you should definitely consider.

It is best for the mother to learn to love drinking milk before she is pregnant, in that way when she is pregnant she will not have a problem with consuming the milk at any rate. You have to get used to drinking milk and that is the key factor. While pregnant, starting from the early stages, it is recommended that you drink at least 500ml of milk per day. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is a must, we would not like to emphasize on that, but we are sure you are intelligent enough. That is not the end of the method or routine though. Once your child is born it is key to habituate the consumption of milk to the infant in a technical manner. All good habits are better learned at the earliest stages. So when your kid is around 6-8 years old and enjoys drinking milk you have done a great job as a parent. He or she should continue drinking milk religiously till they are young adults themselves. And the most important factor takes place before they are born. So as a mother, make sure you do drink your milk, 500ml a day for 9 months of your pregnancy period. Show and guide your child to enjoy the consumption of milk. Definitely this method will be beneficial not only in achieving increase in height but it will also make the bones stronger. Every added inch is a bonus, think of it in that way. There is hope. Do not give up-for the sake of the next generation.

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  1. Ellinka troas

    Im boy I have a few questions, if I am 16 years old but I am 1.80 m tall, can I grow taller up again & excercise can make my height grow to tall

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