How to Shoot a Basketball Like Pro

How to Shoot Basketball

It is a shared fallacy of people that are assuming to be talented in basketball when they have only just picked up a ball in recent times and made a few shots. This is one of the few sports in the world that need constant training, hard-work, and dedication to reach in just the intermediate level. Throughout all the hard work and commitment, the knowledge and techniques that are required comes to you automatically – through time and experience ofcourse. One of the most important constituents of the game of basketball is “shooting.” You cannot win a basketball game, any format of the game if you do not know how to shoot. Whether it is shooting from close range, a layup, or from long distance, it has the same structure that needs to be obeyed.


First of all you would need some implements before you start to build your shot. The instruments or tools that you require are

  • Basketball
  • A proper basketball hoop
  • Basketball Shoes (Sneakers & or Kicks)
  • Athletic gear (ex: Basketball clothing)
  • Basketball Court

Their are certain tools you need before you can begin to construct your shot. This list is made up of; a leather basketball, a regulation size basketball hoop, basketball shoes, athletic clothing, and a basketball court.

SETP 2 Solid Stance

Before you even think about shooting, you would definitely need to establish a strong stance. This means you need to set yourself a base. A strong enough base which you are comfortable in. This depends on person to person but it is up to you feel the ground and give as much as gravity as you need towards it in order to balance both feet on the ground. Both your feet need to be at least a foot apart. And most importantly your toes need to be facing the hoop that you are aiming or preparing to shoot at.

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SETP 3 How and When to Jump

When to Jump

Bend your knees and waist before you shoot the ball. When you are about to launch the basketball for a shot make sure to bring your knees half the way towards the ground. Your waist should also be working with your knees at the same time. When the shot is released you should be on the jump and in the air by now. You should not be jumping forward or backwards but straight up. Your whole body should be exactly straight, like an “I”. Always keep that in mind!

SETP 4 Hands on Ball

When you are gripping the ball and are preparing for a shot there are some rules you need to follow. This is very important. Great shooter and decent shooters have a huge difference in skill set due to this factor. So, might as well make it a habit early on before it is too difficult to change.

Hands on Ball

Right before you shoot the basketball your fingers need to be spread across the ball in a certain manner. Try to grip and hold the ball the way you see in the picture (provided above). The seam of the ball lies horizontal and the hands are on the seam or feeling the tip of it. The ball is supposed to rest on the fingertips -not the palm. Repeat that to yourself. The ball should be resting on the fingertips and not the palm. There is a thin line in making an error like this so be careful at all times. By maintaining this habit it allows the basketball to develop a backspin. Why not throw the ball without any backspin? Well, then it would be too solid and the percentage of making a basket would drop significantly. You can try and experience it and then realize what we are saying. The backspin helps the ball take away the weight and speed of the ball and in return it approaches the rim and hits it in a softer manner. This then gives the shooter friendly rolls as we call it in basketball terms. It basically increases the percentage of the basketball going in the net. This is the universal technique and there are no other alternatives/technique – so just obey it!

SETP 5 Follow Through

In the previous step you might be asking on how do we make the ball spin? Or what is the secret behind the backspin? Well, it is all in flicking your wrist.

The motion is dictated and completed accordingly. We start by bending our waist & knees. We place the ball on the tip of our finger tips. Now we jump when we have decided when to shoot. And the final stage, we flick our wrist on the shooting hand (depending on if you are a lefty or a righty). By flicking the wrist it can dictate the distance, arc, and power of the shot. The backspin as mentioned earlier is the key. We do it by flicking the wrist and overall this increases the chances of making the shot.

SETP 6 Elbow In

The arc is a very important factor in shooting. Is your arc too high? Or is it too low? You should always keep it in the middle. It gives you a great poise with regularity on your shots - if done effectively. Flicking the wrist prescribes the arc. Yes, but that is only secondarily. Primarily, the elbow dictates the arc. Keeping your elbow in or towards your body automatically increases the percentage of making most of your shots. It also gives you total control on where you want the basketball to go. This is a very important technique and it cannot be avoided!

SETP 7 When to Shoot

When do you shoot the basketball, on the way going up or on the way going down? This is a common question that is asked by players everywhere. The answer to this is : Whichever makes it feel right & comfortable for you. Shooting on the way up gives the ball more power and it can reach further distances. One of the best shooters in the world, Stephen Curry, shoots the basketball on the way up. However, shooting at the peak of your release is another way. A lot of the professionals prefers this way because overall it gives more accuracy and a softer touch. Again, it depends on player to player. Try both and see which one is more consistently successful for you. But never shoot the ball while coming down. It does not give the accuracy you are desiring and it also takes away half the power you have generated. Basically, it is a pointless method that should not be followed.

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