Donald Trump Immigration affects & angers the NBA

Trump and NBA

A country’s leader is responsible for all citizens, regardless of race or religion. In a country of mostly immigrants, disputably legal residency status is not a good enough reason to abandon citizens.

Trump’s anticipated policies go against the cultural criterions of the culture he is attempting to preserve. It is self-destructive for an “immigrant” nation to be anti-immigration.

Furthermore, complication of legal documentation is a symbol, cultural trait of the United States. Poorly phrased, amateurishly prepared laws represent a significant decline of standards in an otherwise lawfully cultured and sophisticated nation.

The United States of America is profoundly divided and confused now. What it needs is a return to its social personality. What it needs is clarity, simplicity, & precision. President Trump is showing us that he might not have the ability to understand these values and morals, let alone deliver them.

“In the wake of President Donald Trump's controversial executive order Friday, businesses around the United States were left wondering what the impact of the travel ban of citizens in select nations would be. Among them, the NBA had concerns regarding two of its players -- Los Angeles Lakers forward Luol Deng and Milwaukee Bucks center Thon Maker, both from South Sudan. The league went so far as to contact the state department in search of clarity regarding travel for when those players visit for a game outside the United States, like Toronto.”

This is a deal waiting to happen. The Laker’s will not admit it but they will be willing to propose this deal without a doubt. If they receive a confirmation from the Cousins camp regarding signing an extension, it will be only up to the Kings to make a decision on Cousins before the February Trade Deadline.

The land of the free and the home of the brave has a draft elusion tyrant on the wheel, who focuses more on ISIS to improve his ratings. While most of the celebrities and loved athletes of the country oppose this man. NBA players or Hollywood celebrities have followers. Admirers. If they are not happy with a leader their fans and followers will not be either. At least we can assume the majority of them will not.

The Muslims who want to come to America dislike ISIS as well. The word “hate” would be more accurate here. Muslims are the biggest victims of the terror that ISIS provides. Accusing Muslims of being in cahoots with their abusers will not end well for the US. It is very sad indeed.And seriously, who doesn't benefit from Mexican people’s presence?Displaying some of that famous American hospitality, warmth, and freedom would really be supportive right about now!

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