How To Improve Your Basketball Skills Intermediate to Advanced Level

Improve your Basketball Skill

While we are following the Olympics, world basketball games, or the NBA season, we should not stop or discontinue our training and or practice from getting better each and every day. Improving our game has become the underived factor for a lot of basketball players - globally. We are always waiting to learn new moves and tricks to add in our game. The desire is there, but is the commitment and dedication up to date?

Before you begin lacing up, read what we have to say so you get the routine and the advice in all the sectors you need to develop in. We want to give you the total package. We want you to be the complete player. Ever hear the phrase “there is no end of learning?” While that seems to be true the similar concept applies here as well in a limited window. There is a time when we can improve drastically. Obviously that begins from childhood to the time when you hit 30. You can improve at any age but you would want to improve during the years where the window is longer. That should be the highest point of interest. Let’s get started!


At the utmost minimum stage, you should be able to dunk a basketball. No questions asked, that should be a given. Like how in the Job Market today, employers except you to have a minimum completion of your bachelors. Same thing applies here, instead we require you to be able to dunk at the very least. Even if you are a dunker, you can become a better dunker by following the programs and or guidance below. And if you are not a dunker that is still fine. We are here to help and suggest. Visit here to learn about increasing your vertical jump and the products that help you do that. However, to be consistent and achieve the highest level in this category (dunking) you would definitely need the figure, body, and the ‘built’ foundation. Notice all the best dunkers in the National Basketball Association. Notice their figures. The tone of their body and mainly their legs. Their calf muscles. Their Abs. We can go on but we are sure you get the point here.

Understanding and performing the slam dunk highly depends on explosiveness, lower body strength, and upper body codification. An easy way for success may be being 6’10” and over. But not everyone is made that way, are they?

Dunkfeed suggests you a simple routine and it should be followed vigorously. The very first step is to commit yourself to the weight room. The basic exercises are the squats, leg presses and obviously step ups. Do these religiously on a consistent basis. For each exercise start off with 8-12 reps, depending on your comfort. Use a light weight sort of object and increase it as the day/weeks go by. For a complete program that will give you the absolute results we highly recommend you try the Insanity Base Kit - Workout

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It surely is reliable and benefits the best and or all kinds of dunkers around the world. The program keeps you continuously challenged as you keep alternating between anaerobic and aerobic breaks achieved at your max. And this is key in becoming a great dunker.

Speed (Room for improvement)

On average, a basketball player involved in a full court game will run up to a total of 6 miles a game. The key is to be able to run at your best, to be able to dash and or spring as if it is a 100m race even in towards the end of the clock. This is absolutely crucial. Allen Iverson

Is perhaps one of the fastest players ever to have played in the NBA. Yes, not everybody can be an Iverson. However, you should know that he was really undersized in the league and speed was a huge factor of his success. Trying to become quicker and faster can never ever be a bad thing in the game of basketball. Why not improve your speed? It may take you to new heights. It may be the missing piece in your total skill package.

Dunkfeed suggests you to first build a sort of oxidative acquisitive, to develop a principle for yourself in attending more rigorous court effort at a later period. The common professional method is quite unique. This method is used by NFL and NBA trainers for their respected athletes. So, you can consider this to be a leak or a gift from us to you. Again, nothing comes easy. Start warming up with stretching and a light jog obviously. When ready -Sprint 600m as fast as you can. Follow that with 400m dash. And finish it off with a 200m sprint. In between meters rest about 5 minutes or so. This allows your muscles to regroup for the next run. This simple practice or routine alone will do you wonders.

We suggest you to run this routine five times a week for about 6 weeks. And after the 6thweek continue this routine but also head to court after the running. The work is doubled now. Once you are at the court you will do a customary shooting drill. Whether you are an outside shooter or an inside player shoot 10 shots you’re your comfort zone for about 60 seconds. Any type of offence really, layups, shots, dunks, 3 pointers, anything of your choice and comfort. After the minute is up sprint to the other end of the court, sprint fast with everything you got, and then perform a defensive drill for roughly about 40 seconds. Repeat this as many times as you want or can. When you start to see improvements in conditioning, bring the period down. For example, the offence will be about 10 seconds and defense will be about 5 seconds. At a time, follow this program and routine for 12 weeks or so. You can thank us after that!


The most important skill in the game of basketball. If you cannot put the ball in the basket then there is no point in being the athlete that you have become. It all begins from the legs. The power of the shot comes from the legs. You will hear this phrase a lot in the world of basketball. It is a known fact but is still misrepresented by players today. A lot of players forget the rhythm and generation of power must come from the legs. You have to develop this habit. The drills, training, and dedication that you commit in dunking and in speed, as mentioned earlier, will only help you get prepared to become a consistent shooter. Strong legs and a quick agile body will only increase your shooting percentage. Your shots should never be rushed. We are here to help.

Dunkfeed suggests you a routine that can transform ones career. First, you need to develop the rhythm and the form. You can do this lying flat on your backyou’re your bed at home. Holding the ball in the shooting motion is required. The ball and your arms in total should be placed above your head. Getting the picture? Once you are in this position and are ready shoot the ball towards your ceiling, not too high but generously in a relaxed fashion. Completely stress free. The ball should come back where it originally left off from, which would be your hands. Give enough backspin and play with it. Get used to it and have fun. Make it a habit and sooner or later you will realize you have developed something unique.

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