How to Increase Your Vertical Jump?

Vertical jump

The most common thing that separates professional basketball players from the rest is their height. And the most common trait that separates professional basketball players in the NBA from other professional players across the globe is their fitness and leaping ability.

So, is it really possible to increase your vertical jump? Is it that important? To answer both of those questions you have to understand that fitness is key for almost any athlete and any sport, and since we are talking about basketball, fitness is a must. There are a lot of tall people in the world of basketball. It is not uncommon spotting a tall person playing basketball. In any level, amateur, intermediate, collegiate, or professional – you will see tall people involved in the sport of basketball. However, if you find people that have the same height as you, similar skill set, similar strength, how then can you separate yourself from that individual in terms of outmatching or outperforming? We believe having stronger legs can separate the greats from the goods.

We know one of the best basketball athletes in the world. To name a few, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady, Lebron James, Allen Iverson, Dwight Howard. All of these greats have one thing in common. Their leaping ability. They have a unique set of skills, no doubt about that, but all of them are insane leapers. They have the strongest legs and have put a lot of work for it.

So, yes it is possible, or should we rephrase that. It is very possible to increase a great amount of inches to your vertical. And it is very important for you whether you are an intermediate, in the collegiate level, or playing professionally. Being able to jump high is a must.

We do recommend certain workouts that may help individuals on becoming high leapers. It is always important to set goals and have a target you want to reach and or achieve. Treat it like a strict crash diet course. Maintaining the routine is key and following it diligently can give you the success you are desiring.

We recommend you to make a chart on your own convenience and maintain the routine as instructed. We can almost guarantee you success.

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This Routine is to be followed and carried on for 14-15 weeks approximately. Should get great results by the end of the 14th week. Follow this program 3 times a week, any day(s) of your choice, but fix the schedule according to your preference. Make sure you have a gap in between working out days because it ensures your muscle to recover after each workout, and recover stronger.

Increase in extent or intensity

Squat Hops: Explode!

Calf Raises: Caution and Inscription

Thrust Ups: Balance and Burst!

BurnOuts: Consistency is Key

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