Kyrie Irving took advice from Kobe Bryant?

Kyrie Irving Kobe Bryant

Yes. Sports journalist Jason Whitlock suggests that Kobe did indeed influence Kyrie to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. This theory or rumor so to believe is not really far fetched at all. It may be a reality. It may be true or might not be at all. But here are the facts!

Kobe was in Kyrie’s ears all summer.

Kobe indeed was in Kyrie’s ears, however they were making a shoe together so obviously collaboration was necessary and you know players do talk! That does not mean Kyrie actually took Kobe’s suggestion at heart. Then again, who knows? Kyrie might have spilled his emotions and frustrations to Kobe – regarding Cleveland and LeBron, and what would Kobe do? Be the supporting figure. The Big Bro! “Kyrie you should look for a new team.”

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal’s breakup was probably one of the biggest break ups in sports history. Kobe being around Kyrie perhaps gave Kyrie the courage to actually demand a trade and finally separate from LeBron James’s shadow.

For a player who was the established closer on a championship contending team in Cleveland Cavaliers, to be disrespected in that regard, it was a given. Indeed!

When the blame goes everywhere and LeBron receives none, oneday, just oneday someone would actually want to leave a LeBron. Kyrie Irving is that first cookie to crack. This will be an indirect warning to the rest of the league. When you play with LeBron James, be prepared to take all the blame. Be prepared to be in all the trade talks. Be prepared to be blamed for failing THE KING. And also, be prepared to witness the GM LeBron James making all the moves and suggestions.

On the side note, this is what Kobe had to say, officially: "I'm building @DrinkBODYARMOR @BryantStibel and a Media company but get asked if I'm influencing @KyrieIrving #mambaout."

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