Lonzo Ball should be in the G-League

Lonzo ball

The Los Angeles Lakers by far has been solid. They are 15 games into the season with a six win – nine loss record. A lot of NBA critics would call this overachieving, however, most would say “underachieving.” Why? Only because per schedule, they had played fewer top teams. The season only gets worse for them now. The bag will be full when the stronger teams have LA on their radar recipe.

On the center of them all is Lonzo Ball. The eldest son of TV personality and face of the Big Baller Brand, Lavar Ball. This is quite interesting though, Lonzo Ball’s hype has been so astronomic that the Lakers seemed to have fell victim to it.

Most recently, the Lakers played the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid had career high numbers. Ben Simmons did not disappoint. And the 76ers took a big W home. But why are we talking about Lonzo Ball? It seems like the Lakers lost but Lonzo played well? That is not the case here.

Recently, Lonzo Ball has been very questionable. His style of play and mentality is falling short. It is just not working for the BBB ambassador. He is posting less than 8 points a game, and in the game against the 76ers, which was a very hyped up game due to the Twitter War with Embiid and the BBB, Lonzo showed up with 2 points. Yes, you read that correct. 2pts!

How do you expect to be rookie of the year, or a Jason Kidd by year 3 with numbers like that? You don’t!

It seems like Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, the leaders in management for the Lakers, have fallen for the “over-hype” trap. Lonzo Ball has been so hyped up by Lavar Ball over the months leading to the draft that the Lakers were the first and only ones to fall victim to it. The game between the Lakers and the 76ers was an interesting one. The Lakers could’ve protected their homecourt. They should’ve gotten out with the W, regardless of Embiid’s monstrous game. To make matters worse, young coach Luke Walton played Julius Randle, who was guarding Embiid in the majority part of the 4th quarter. The Lakers should’ve got the W, regardless right? But Lonzo Ball did not play in the 4th quarter. He was not selected to play. Yes, that is how bad it is.

If the Lakers had Dennis Smith, Tatum, Jackson, Fox or a Markanen, they would’ve won the game. Simple as that.

The Lakers are currently sitting out Ivica Zubac, who is supposedly their future Center to keep. Zubac is currently assigned in the G-league (formerly known as the D-League). Zubac has been sent in order to keep sharp, in rhythm, and in game form. But he should be playing with the main unit. How else do you expect a player to develop?

The recent play of Lonzo Ball has been disgraceful. He has been one of the worst shooters in the NBA and he is not a great defender either. The reason why he is not sent to the G-league yet is because of his fame. A high-draft pick being sent to the G-league would draw enormous amount of criticism, all directed at the front office. Magic Johnson and Luke Walton has too much pressure against this to make the call. But is it the right call? Yes and No.

You cannot survive if you are not a threat in scoring in the NBA. You just can’t. If you cannot shoot or put the ball in the net, your passing becomes predictable, thus limited.

It can either break Lonzo Ball for good, perhaps, or it can give him the motivation he needs to get back on the NBA court better than ever. Wait a minute. Now we are concerned and talking about Lonzo Ball’s motivation? After all the hype? Even after saying Lonzo is better than Steph Curry and will be better than the great Kobe Bryant? That same Lonzo needs motivation to score more than 10 points a game now?

Perhaps the main reason for not sending Lonzo to the G-league is Magic Johnson. Imagine how imprudent the Laker President would look like if his top pick and future player would be playing in the G-league? Yes, cannot imagine that at all. It is too hard to put the great Magic Johnson in a shameful position. Unthinkable.

A lot is on the line. How will the BBB survive or come out on top from this? With LiAngelo Ball coming home from an embarrassing burlesque in China, the Ball family has their tables turned. From the arrogance that generated from them, can they find the humility within? That is to be seen!

3 thoughts on “Lonzo Ball should be in the G-League”

  1. You are on 100% correct. Your analogy is on point.

    I am so disgusted with all the Lonzo Ball hype I will not watch a NBA game he is playing in. He is pathetic

  2. Great analogy. hopefully your article will be read and appreciated by countless other people so they do not fall for all the disgusting Lonzo Ball hype.

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