From Pistons' Prospect to Nets' Interim: The Kevin Ollie Coaching Carousel

WriterJames Johnson

17 April 2024

From Pistons' Prospect to Nets' Interim: The Kevin Ollie Coaching Carousel

Last year's NBA coaching carousel saw Kevin Ollie's name circulating prominently as a potential head coach for the Detroit Pistons after Dwane Casey's departure. Despite initial favoritism towards Ollie, the Pistons ultimately went in a different direction, securing former Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams for the job. Ollie, not one to be sidelined, found a new home with the Brooklyn Nets as a top assistant to Jacque Vaughn. However, the 2023-2024 NBA season thrust Ollie into the spotlight once more as he took over the reins from Vaughn for the Nets' final 28 games. This piece dives into the implications of Ollie's interim tenure with the Nets, his coaching performance, and what the future may hold.

The Brooklyn Nets' Coaching Shift

  • Transition to Head Coach: Following Jacque Vaughn's mid-season exit, Kevin Ollie stepped in as the interim head coach for the Nets, mirroring the situation that saw Vaughn replace Steve Nash.
  • Season Performance Under Ollie: In his 28-game tenure, Ollie led the Nets to an 11-17 record. This performance contributed to the Nets finishing the season with a 32-50 record, landing them 11th in the Eastern Conference and out of playoff contention.

Evaluating Ollie's Impact

Ollie's stint with the Nets was seen as an audition for the permanent head coaching position. Despite taking over a team mid-season, Ollie couldn't significantly turn around the Nets' fortunes. The team's record under his guidance, while showing some promise, was not enough to secure a playoff spot or a long-term coaching contract for Ollie in Brooklyn.

The Future for Kevin Ollie

  • Potential Departure from Brooklyn: With reports from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski indicating that the Nets are expected to hire Jordi Fernandez, currently an assistant with the Sacramento Kings, as their next head coach, Ollie's future with the team remains uncertain.
  • Ollie's Next Moves: Whether Ollie remains with the Nets in another capacity or seeks opportunities elsewhere is yet to be determined. However, his experience as an interim head coach will undoubtedly add to his coaching portfolio.


Kevin Ollie's journey from being considered for the Detroit Pistons' head coach to leading the Brooklyn Nets as an interim coach showcases the unpredictable nature of NBA coaching careers. Despite the challenges and the underwhelming record, Ollie's leadership during a transitional period for the Nets demonstrated his capability to manage an NBA team under less-than-ideal circumstances. As the Nets move forward with a new head coaching hire, Ollie's future in the league remains a point of interest. His brief tenure with the Nets, although not leading to a long-term position, has nonetheless cemented his status as a coach capable of stepping into the role when called upon.

Interesting Fact: Despite the Nets' struggles, Kevin Ollie remains a respected figure in basketball, known for his success as a player and his significant contributions to the University of Connecticut's men's basketball team, leading them to an NCAA championship as head coach in 2014. This blend of on-court experience and coaching acumen keeps Ollie's name in the mix for future NBA coaching opportunities.

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