J. Cole's Diss Track Shines a Spotlight on Cam Reddish's NBA Journey

WriterEthan Johnson

6 April 2024

J. Cole's Diss Track Shines a Spotlight on Cam Reddish's NBA Journey

In a surprising twist that has NBA fans buzzing, J. Cole's latest album "Might Delete Later" features a track that doesn't shy away from criticizing the New York Knicks' handling of Cam Reddish. This revelation comes amid Cole's ongoing lyrical battle with Kendrick Lamar, adding an unexpected sports angle to their rap feud. Reddish, a promising talent, has had a rollercoaster NBA career, moving from the Atlanta Hawks to a short stint with the Knicks, and now finding his footing with the LA Lakers. As the song "Pi" dissects Reddish's troubled time in New York, fans and analysts alike delve into the implications of his career trajectory and the Knicks' decision-making.

The Rise and Stumble of Cam Reddish

  • Drafted Tenth Overall: Cam Reddish entered the NBA in 2019, selected by the Atlanta Hawks with high expectations.
  • Trade to the Knicks: In 2022, Reddish's journey took a turn when he was traded to the New York Knicks, a move that was met with optimism but quickly soured due to a shoulder injury and inconsistent playtime.
  • Struggles in New York: Under Head Coach Tom Thibodeau, Reddish found it difficult to secure a consistent role, leading to another trade.
  • A New Chapter with the Lakers: Now with the LA Lakers, Reddish is attempting to rejuvenate his career, contributing an average of 5.5 points per game.

J. Cole's "Pi" and the Knicks Controversy

J. Cole's "Pi" not only adds an unexpected layer to his rivalry with Kendrick Lamar but also casts a spotlight on the Knicks' controversial handling of young talent. The song criticizes the organization for its failure to develop Reddish, reflecting wider fan and analyst sentiments about the Knicks' struggles with player development.

Fan Reactions and Debate

  • Mixed Opinions: Knicks fans are divided, with some arguing that Reddish was given ample opportunities, while others believe he was never truly given a chance to shine.
  • A Reflection of Broader Issues: The discussion around Reddish's stint with the Knicks highlights broader concerns regarding the team's management and development strategies.

Reddish's Outlook and Response

Despite the controversies, Reddish is focused on moving forward with his career. His experience in New York, described as more political than basketball-related, seems to have left a mark, but he remains optimistic about his future in the league, especially with the LA Lakers.


Cam Reddish's NBA journey, from a promising draft pick to his tumultuous time with the Knicks and current efforts to revive his career with the Lakers, encapsulates the high stakes and unpredictable nature of professional basketball. J. Cole's "Pi" not only brings this narrative into the limelight but also ignites discussions about talent management in the NBA. As Reddish continues to navigate his path, his story remains a compelling case study of a young player's resilience in the face of adversity.

Interesting Fact:

Despite the challenges he faced with the Knicks, Cam Reddish's move to the LA Lakers could mark a turning point in his career. The Lakers have a history of revitalizing players' careers, providing a platform for Reddish to potentially rediscover his form and make a significant impact in the league.

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