Kyrie Irving Opens Up About Team USA Snub, Wishes Squad Well

WriterJames Johnson

19 April 2024

Kyrie Irving Opens Up About Team USA Snub, Wishes Squad Well

Dallas Mavericks' Kyrie Irving, a notable figure in the NBA with an impressive career that boasts eight All-Star appearances and two gold medals with Team USA, recently shared his thoughts on being excluded from the Team USA 12-man roster for the upcoming Olympics. Despite his considerable contributions to basketball, both domestically and internationally, Irving finds himself on the outside looking in as Team USA prepares for the summer games. The decision has sparked a mix of reactions, with Irving offering a candid take on his omission.

Irving's Reaction to Team USA Selection

  • Respect for the Team: Irving expressed his support for the LeBron James and Stephen Curry-led Team USA, emphasizing his respect for the players and the selection process, despite not making the cut.
  • Focus on the NBA Playoffs: With the Mavericks gearing up for a challenging first-round postseason battle against the Los Angeles Clippers, Irving is channeling his energies toward pursuing an NBA championship.
  • Nostalgia for Past Selection Processes: Irving reminisced about the days when players would physically try out for Team USA, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among contenders, a process he finds lacking in today's selection methodology.

Analyzing Irving's Comments

Irving's response to the Team USA snub is multifaceted, blending support for the selected team with a subtle critique of the current selection process. His remarks hint at a desire for a more inclusive and competitive approach to forming the national squad, reminiscent of his earlier experiences. However, his primary focus remains on his contributions to the Dallas Mavericks and their playoff ambitions.

Irving's Legacy and Future

Despite the snub, Kyrie Irving's legacy as a dynamic and skilled player is undeniable. His achievements, including two Olympic gold medals, underscore his impact on the sport. As the NBA playoffs unfold, Irving's performance with the Mavericks will be closely watched, potentially adding another chapter to his storied career.


Kyrie Irving's omission from the Team USA roster for the upcoming Olympics has been met with a mixture of understanding and reflection from the star player. While he supports the selected team and shifts his focus to the NBA playoffs, his comments evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era of team selection. As Irving continues to make his mark in the league, his contributions to basketball, both on and off the international stage, remain significant.

Interesting Fact: Kyrie Irving's journey with Team USA began in earnest at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, where he not only helped lead the team to gold but was also named the tournament's MVP, highlighting his crucial role in international basketball success.

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