NBA Draft Evolution: A Two-Day Spectacle

WriterEthan Johnson

2 April 2024

NBA Draft Evolution: A Two-Day Spectacle
  • Key Takeaway One: The NBA draft is expanding to two days starting 2024, separating the first and second rounds over consecutive nights.
  • Key Takeaway Two: This change aims to slow the draft's pace, allowing teams more time for thoughtful decision-making and facilitating more trades.
  • Key Takeaway Three: The adjustment is expected to spotlight second-round picks better, making the draft's later stages as strategic and exciting as the first round.

NBA general managers gather annually at the draft combine in Chicago, creating a pivotal forum for discussion, new ideas, and feedback. Last year, just before the San Antonio Spurs clinched the No. 1 pick, a significant proposal was put on the table: expanding the NBA draft to span two days. This concept wasn't new; executives have been discussing it since 2011, citing the benefits of a slower pace for more strategic decision-making and transaction facilitation.

The proposal gained traction, and for the first time, the 2024 NBA draft will occur on June 26 and 27, with the second round enjoying a more generous four minutes per pick. This change promises not just more trades but a greater emphasis on the talents drafted on the second day, reflecting the evolving importance of these picks in building competitive rosters.

The push for expansion was driven by the need for more time to make decisions, engage in last-second trades, and properly spotlight second-round picks. Historically, the quick pace, especially in the second round, has been challenging for teams, with one Eastern Conference executive highlighting the chaos and difficulty in tracking traded picks under the time crunch.

The NBA's 17-person competition committee, recognizing the merits of these arguments, endorsed the change. Joe Dumars, the NBA's executive vice president and head of basketball operations, emphasized the growing importance of the second round in the league's talent influx and roster expansion.

Front offices and agents are now preparing for the new draft format, which introduces a night of strategic planning between the rounds. This shift is expected to enhance the transaction flow, create more opportunities for value, and improve decision-making. Some team sources speculate that picks in the 20s and 30s could gain additional value, anticipating a more robust trade market due to the extended break.

This extended draft format also aligns with changes in the 2023 collective bargaining agreement, introducing a second-round exception for signing rookies to multiyear deals without affecting cap space. This gives teams more incentive to make the most of their second-round picks.

Prospects not selected in the first round face a nerve-wracking wait, with discussions ongoing about how to incorporate them into the second night's broadcast. The extra time between rounds also allows teams and agents more room to negotiate contracts and identify fits, potentially changing the dynamics of second-round selections.

However, the new draft schedule tightens the offseason calendar, with less than 72 hours between the draft's conclusion and the opening of the free agency negotiation period. This condensed timeframe has raised concerns among teams and agents about the pressure to navigate two of the offseason's most critical decision-making periods back-to-back.

Despite these challenges, the two-day draft format is seen as a welcome change, adding strategic depth and potentially leading to better decision-making for teams and a more engaging experience for fans. As the NBA continues to evolve, this adjustment promises to spotlight the draft's importance in team building and player development even further.

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