NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award Nominees Announced, Bogdan Bogdanovic Snubbed

WriterJames Johnson

22 April 2024

NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award Nominees Announced, Bogdan Bogdanovic Snubbed

Key Takeaways:

  • The Controversy: Atlanta Hawks' Bogdan Bogdanovic, despite an impressive season, is not among the Sixth Man of the Year Award finalists.
  • The Finalists: Timberwolves' Naz Reid, Bucks' Bobby Portis, and Kings' Malk Monk are the official nominees for the prestigious accolade.
  • The Argument: Bogdanovic's stats and impact on the Hawks make a strong case for his inclusion among the finalists.

In the vibrant hustle of the NBA, where talent runs as deep as the sea, the announcement of the Sixth Man of the Year Award nominees has stirred the waters, leaving fans and analysts debating the notable absence of Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Bogdan Bogdanovic. The finalists for the award, as recently unveiled, include Timberwolves forward Naz Reid, Bucks forward Bobby Portis, and Kings guard Malk Monk, all of whom have had standout seasons coming off the bench. Yet, the omission of Bogdanovic, a player who not only excelled in his role but also shattered franchise records, has sparked discussions on the criteria and selection process for this accolade.

Bogdanovic's season was nothing short of spectacular, posting averages of 16.9 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game, all while maintaining a shooting efficiency of 37% from beyond the arc and 43% from the field. His performance was instrumental in the Hawks' campaign, setting a new franchise record for three-pointers in a single season and boasting a +11.9 point differential when on the floor, according to Cleaning the Glass - the highest among his teammates.

The finalists, on the other hand, have had their share of the spotlight and contributed significantly to their teams. Malk Monk was seen as a favorite for the award prior to an injury setback, while Naz Reid has gained momentum and could be a potential dark horse. Bobby Portis remains a critical piece for a Bucks team eyeing another deep playoff run, highlighting the depth of talent and impact among this year's nominees.

ESPN's Zach Lowe placed Bogdanovic third in his NBA Awards picks, acknowledging his substantial contribution and hinting at the possibility of him garnering first-place votes. Lowe's commentary sheds light on the nuanced debate surrounding the Sixth Man of the Year Award - the balance between rewarding bench contributions and recognizing the adaptability of players who seamlessly transition between starting and reserve roles. This perspective champions the idea that the essence of a "sixth man" lies in their ability to fulfill whatever role the team requires, a sentiment that strongly applies to Bogdanovic's season with the Hawks.

Despite not being a finalist, Bogdanovic's omission from the list arguably stands as one of the most significant snubs in the award's recent history. His performance this season not only underscores his value to the Hawks but also challenges the traditional boundaries of what it means to be a sixth man in the NBA. While the finalists undoubtedly deserve their nominations, Bogdanovic's case serves as a compelling argument for broader recognition of the varied contributions that define a team's success.

As the NBA community continues to debate and discuss, the story of Bogdan Bogdanovic's season serves as a reminder of the depth of talent in the league and the intricate dynamics that shape award nominations. Whether on the bench or in the starting lineup, the impact of players like Bogdanovic resonates far beyond the hardwood, echoing through the halls of what makes the NBA truly special - its relentless pursuit of excellence, in every role and on every stage.

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