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Nike Hyperdunks Review

The Nike Hyperdunks are perhaps the most well balanced pair of basketball shoes. We know that Hyperdunk series has consisted of the most vigorous, versatile, and nifty models on the market. It certainly has been really popular. Definitely rivaled the adidas Rose series. It was first brought in by its former ambassador Kobe Bryant. Since then, the Hyperdfunks has been on a successful trend. The latest series of the Hyperdunks familiarizes Flyknit to the Hyperdunk stripe and gears a full-length Zoom Air bag. It always has the surprise factor!

Features and Details

  • Synthetic-And-Mesh
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Mid-top collar offers comfort and support without restricting movement
  • Heel and forefoot Zoom Air units deliver responsiveness
  • Herringbone pattern offers traction for multidirectional movement 
  • Flywire cables mix with laces for locked-down fit 
  • Injected Phylon midsole provides soft cushioning

Traction – If you have read the reviews of the Kyries earlier, the Hyperdunks of this year are very similar with the Kyries. For example, no pair of sneakers come close to the Kyries and Hyperdunks in the traction department. Durability and stopping power is out of the charts. You can do wonders in blacktop places. The heel is very safe, you can only worry about sliding, cutting and stopping whenever you want. Yes, just like the Kyries, traction is really good, even in outdoors. However, it would not last that long. This part is similar with the Jordan XXX. Will give you a great run, but not a long run.

Cushion – As you have heard the zoom is making a comeback with a lot of sneakers this year. Guess what? Hyperdunks have chosen the zoom comfort for their customers. They are embedded in the Phylon midsole. The effects and response can be felt like a baby kicking while instead your tummy. I guess that example can only apply to women. Sorry guys! You will not feel any pain on impact while going up and landing. However, one of the better features in the cushioning is that there is no lag time. Not at all. It is spongy, and it keeps you comfy and active at the same time. Great technology at work here guys!

Materials – Is anything wrong? No. Are the materials up to date? Not really. Is that their attractive feature? No. Should I be discouraged? Absolutely not! They do have similar material line as the 2013 Hyperdunk Models. That may sound discouraging but it is not. It just is not creative enough in using other material for a conventional change or improvement. If it works then why change it? Nothing ground breaking really, but as you know, it is on our list for its performance not new cooler materials.

Fit – Sometimes you can get away with wearing a pair of Hyperdunks without tying your laces. That is how impressive the fit is. It is ready for you before you insert your foot into it. The tongue wrap system combined with the excellent Flywire technology compliments each other really well. Fits really well and it also has plenty of lacing options for you to get the perfect fitting.

Support - Just like the Lebrons, it may look like a very narrow cool kind of sneaker but it actually has a pretty wide base. Wide Bases gives you one of the best protection. It also provides you Midfoot shank. All the elements for a great pair of basketball shoes are in the Hyperdunks of this year! In terms of support where would we rank them? According to us we would place them 3rd on our list.

Why not purchase the Hyperdunks? A comfortable upper body. The cushioning is pliable. The traction is competitive with any other shoe in the market. The fitting is one of the best if not the best. Yes, their designs have not improve much since the Hyperdunk 2014s. However, if you are a true allrounder, as in you pass, rebound, block, defend, shoot and score then there is no doubt the Hyperdunks are for you.

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