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Nike Lebron 14 Review

LeBron James.

What else is there to say?

Not have his sneakers on our list? Do I want to get shot? No.One of the most talented players in this generation. Obviously we would want to take a look at what he is wearing. He has always had the swoosh on both feet. Nike has been good to LeBron and LeBron has been good to Nike, in terms of sales. One of the most popular basketball shoes in the market today are the Nike LeBron 14s. In terms of Traction, Support, Cushioning, Fitting - - it stacks up against any of the top shoes up there. The player James, will always be knocking on the G.O.A.T door, so will be his kicks! KING’S KICKZ!

Features and Details

  • Model Number: 921084600
  • Gender: mens
  • Made In: China
  • Brand New With Original Box

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