Preparing yourself for a Basketball Game

How to Play Basketball

It is only natural if an important game creates enthusiasm, apprehension, anxiety, or stress. The hardest part to overcome during these feelings and experiences is your ability to be attentive. The ability to pay attention becomes a legitimate challenge during the time of nervousness. Sometimes when you are over thinking or over doing every other single detail, you end up forgetting the essential things, such as the gear or products that are absolutely necessary during games. Arriving to your basketball game at your arena or gym, and then knowing you have forgotten a few things can sure add to the stressful and difficult time that you are experiencing. To avoid instances like this you definitely need to prepare ahead of time, regardless what it is that you are preparing for. So make sure you do not forget the things you need for the game, such as gear, jerseys, tools, etc. After you have gathered all of them without forgetting any of course, just relax and think about the game ahead only.

Necessary things?

One of the most vital things to have during your basketball career is a good basketball bag. Make sure the material is of high quality and has plenty of room to store most of your compulsory items. You need to know the important factors that make a good basketball bag. Firstly, a bag with plenty of pockets is a good bag. By having multiple pockets you can organize your things in categories or sections. The option is there for you to be more organized, so most definitely POCKETS, make sure they have POCKETS!

Secondly, make sure the bag is flexible and light enough to carry around easily. You do not want to carry a tank like 1965. Materials aligned with technology are kind to us these days so invest a few more bucks to receive a better product should not hurt at all. You can easily test the heaviness and litheness of the bag while you are at the store. Assuming you are at a sports outlet, put a basketball in the main area and other small accessories in the pockets. Then put the bag on and jump or move around harshly. It is a free and easy method to test out the bags. We are sure the store clerks won’t complain. They want to sell a product desperately, and even if they don’t they still get their pay.

Lastly, we advise you not to choose something that looks regular or normal. Pick a strong color where you know that your bag will stand out amongst others and will never get mixed up. That is the kind of color and style you should be looking for, even if it goes out of liking, this is one sacrifice you have to make for the safety of your bag and or preventing it from not getting mixed up or lost.

Game Time

Take a moment to think about every single thing that you would need during your game. Do not forget the most important ones such as your basketball shoes, jerseys, wristbands, headbands, and mouth guards – if you use any. Then you have the other necessary items such as the clothes you would wear after the game, sport drinks, water, towel, and for guys and girls too actually, deodorant. You cannot forget or not include deodorant. One more time, DEODORANT! These are the items you will be reaching for after the game, but also during the game, at times when you are subbed off and are on the bench. So do make sure you have them all ready and your bag nearby. Include these items at all times at the very minimum. Make a checklist and post it on your refrigerator. Take a look at it after you’ve packed and right before you are leaving your house for school or the game.

After the Game

Once the game is over you would need to use your items accordingly. You would need the towel after your shower, not forgetting soap or compact shampoo during the shower. Following that you would need your deodorant. And finally, the clothes, a fresh set or the set you were wearing before the game. We forgot to mention this earlier but make sure you or at the least, your team has a pack of ice for treating injury. Injuries are bound to happen so always have a health kit including ice packs at stand by.We believe we have mentioned most of the things that an average basketball athlete would require during and after games. So be aware to pack all the necessary items in your compact yet extensive bag pack because they are your savior!

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