Pro Dunk Platinum Inground Rims Basketball System

The Pro Dunk Platinum In-ground hoop series provides a spectacular playing experience with a directive and firm glass backboard (the ones that are used at college and professional stadiums) and an unyielding 8x6 inch, leotard pole. A commanding double cylinder, counterbalances the heaviness of the backboard which then can be permitted even by a 7-year-old youngster to effortlessly change the rim height from 10 feet to all the way down to 5 and a half feet. This basketball hoop is precisely collected using top quality resources and materials, and is supported with a lifetime warranty that insurances all type(s) of basketball performance. The Pro Dunk Platinum system is impeccable for your parking lot, committed backyard court, or foundations such as common parks, community playgrounds, schools, cathedrals, etc. You do not need any other basketball hoop system if you got the Pro Dunk Platinum. This is the superstar father of all hoops and if you can afford this ‘Pro Beast’ then you will not have to look back. Go turn your backyard into an Olympic arena!

Features and Details

  • High-performance gym-quality adjustable in-ground 72 inch tempered glass backboard (full 1/2 inch thick!)
  • Massive 8x6 inch one-piece pole for rock solid play
  • Limited lifetime warranty covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging and Infinitely adjustable between 5.5 and 10 feet with effortless turn of a handle
  • Complete Padding Set - 1 Inch thick high impact outdoor safety Backboard, Pole and Gusset padding included!
  • With the Rust Armor Package (Including: Stainless Steel Hardware, Entire System Zinc Galvanized and Extended Corrosion Warranty!)


This is the total package! A very “high-performance” hoop in your backyard can be intriguing. Its regulation sized tempered glass backboard it also used at universities and emulous arenas. A 72-inch glass backboard with a lifetime warranty should be great!


It’s price! Though it is an upgrade from the heavenly ‘perfect’ Pro Dunk Silver model, the affordability might be the only issue here. The price increase may be fairly a bit high!

Dunkfeed Lounge: Featuring – Pro Dunk Platinum

By understanding most of the consumers who have bought this hoop, we realize that the packaging is outstanding. Unbelievable on how huge and professional the whole packaging structure is. Well, you are paying a few grand(s) on this beast. It has a very straight forward process for the set up. A better tip that we advise consumers is when you start to unpack the system, make sure to take as many ideas and instructions from online videos of other consumers or from the mother website. You can definitely play NBA style basketball with your 7 year old boy or daughter because you can easily adjust it down for their level. This is an NBA grade hoop and is going to last. It is durable even in an area of high winds and we thought that would be an issue but the huge backboard will not even flinch. We wouldn't look any other Pro In-ground Hoop system. We would recommend this to anyone who can afford it and wants the best performance out of it, in the market, this is the unbeatable!

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