Pro Dunk Silver Inground Basketball System

If you're considering on purchasing the textbook in-ground, modifiable family basketball hoop system in your driveway or backyard, this is The Pro Dunk Silver is the hoop to go for. The robust Pro Dunk Silver basketball hoop system is planned with the uppermost superior supplies and is supported with a (restricted) lifetime warranty. The backboard can be easily adjusted from a parameter of 10ft to 5ft. This ensures that no player, which ever age range, is not left out. The highly rated 54 inch, do not forget it is a ‘platinum’ glass backboard which will not scrape or weaken over time like the common acrylic backboards. This delivers arena-quality ricochets and or rebounds for viable players. Everything is sustained with a abundant (7 gauge) 5 inch square, basketball pole that gives this hoop system a trustful base of steadiness. Transform your outdoor driveway into an amusing family basketball court with the last modifiable in-ground basketball goal hoop system you will ever have to buy. Guaranteed!

Features and Details

  • Massive 5x5 inch one-piece pole for rock solid play
  • High-performance gym-quality adjustable in-ground 54 inch tempered glass backboard (full 1/2 inch thick!)
  • Limited lifetime warranty covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging and Infinitely adjustable between 5 and 10 feet with effortless turn of a handle
  • Complete Padding Set - 1 Inch thick high impact outdoor safety Backboard, Pole and Gusset padding included!
  • With the Rust Armor Package (Including: Stainless Steel Hardware, Entire System Zinc Galvanized and Extended Corrosion Warranty!)

WHY SHOULD YOU GET IT? highly recommends the Pro Dunk Silver to anyone looking for a basketball hoop system that will stand the test of time and take aggressive play with no issues. This is a must! For consumers the price tag is very favorable along with its qualities. It is almost criminal writing a negative review anywhere on THE PRO DUNK SILVER. If it suits your budget and your needs, get it immediately!


It comes with a commanding dual spring lift assist cartridge it counterbalances the weight of the backboard. Almost 0 effort in adjusting 5ft to 10ft and vice versa.



Dunkfeed Lounge: Featuring – Pro Dunk Silver Hoop

In one of our trusted reviews, the fella had this Hoop system for about 7 months and so far it has met all his expectations. He also moved from his first home to his second home. He had to install the hoop, withdraw it, and install it again at the new place. The only thing he had to do was order a new presenter system for his home. What we recommend is that as long as you follow the directions, this strong in-ground hoop is easy to put together.The overall hoop package comes apart easily, making it very suitable and simple to put together again. This system is perfect for the average sporting family. If you have a 20x36 driveway, it is perfect. As we have said before it is stress-free to install and is very durable. Any kind of aggressive semi pro or pro play(s) such as: “Dunking” can be done on this goal, as it stands up to the challenge. It is also easy to lower it down for younger kids to enjoy routinely.

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