Dunkfeed is studying the latest basketball goods and products in innumerable categories and assisting consumers on selecting the preeminent product(s) that fulfills their needs & requirements.

Example: Portable and In-ground Basketball Hoops

DunkFeed understands that there is a hidden power that the articles which are posted online & or offline possesses. That power is generated from within the creative and unique minds behind the computer screen. The minds of our youth, students, pupils, scholars, etc. We are hoping to discover and reveal the prospects and gifts by giving them an opportunity to exhibit their creativity and abilities on our platform. This can certainly be understood as a fantastic opportunity. has shaped the Dunkfeed Internet Marketing on Basketball Scholarship strictly for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with the desire of “Internet Marketing” to receive an award of a $1000.

The current students who are taking courses on Marketing, Commerce studies, Information Technology, Business studies and or Communications may tremendously be interested in this scholarship package. The student does not need to have experience or be an expert in this area at all. Having the passion for internet marketing via content writing – creating is quite enough actually.

If you believe you can achieve this scholarship and find it to be beneficial and advantageous for you please do not hesitate to contact or


General Terms of Participation

For contributing in this scholarship program – our demands are for you to study & research (on your own) and construct an article or content of roughly around 500 to a 1000 words on the topic = “Internet Marketing on Basketball and its Significance in 2016”.

In your article, we recommend you to contain the following ideas:

  • Why do you consider internet marketing to be significant and or essential?
  • What kind of marketing ideas can be implemented on a website to increase it’s sales?

The candidate who writes the most unique and awesome content on this subject will be awarded $1000 ( one thousand dollars) that can be used either in course materials or other resources. For more information – continue reading.


Eligibility and Creativity

This particular grant (scholarship) is for students, undergrad or postgrads, that are currently enrolled in colleges and universities.

The content which you will create must be very exclusive, exceptional, and creative. You will probably have quite a few competitors so, anything short of excellent will not result in a scholarship. But hey! What is the loss? None really. Nothing wrong with trying and hitting bulls eye right? No investment(s) so what are you waiting for?

The words in your content must be in a persuasive manner. Keep that in mind!

While we (Dunkfeed) go through the submitted articles, we will judge them accordingly, on a certain criteria method. We will take several factors such as creativity, uniqueness, content value, etc.


How to Submit your Article?

Primarily, write a 500-1000 word article and submit it to dunkfeed’s email, via ‘attach file’ - word.doc file format. Furthermore, we request you to add the URL of your website (If you have any).

Format –Etiquette, things we would expect you to include:

  • Personal Details (First & Lastname, Phone, and Address).
  • School Name.
  • Area of Study.
  • Any document which can proof that you are a Student.


REMINDER: By submitting your article, you are giving us the permission to use it either for promotions, campaigns, and marketing purposes.




The final date for submission is  Dec 15th (Time extended due to very low number of participants) . and we will select the winner by Dec 25th and the check will be mailed out before the end of December.

The $1,000 cheque will be sent directly to your college/university.

We are attempting to run this scholarship program annually.

Total Submission: 2