Silverback 54 inch Inground Basketball System

The Silverback 54 inch In-ground basketball hoop system is legit. It has game. Whether it is street-ball in Rucker Park or a Slam Dunk event by Team Flight Brothers, Silverback 54 delivers. This in-ground basketball hoop system is envisioned to compromise the finest quality with various other benefits at a reasonable price. The DuPont Triturate-Coated pole mimics the features of a one-piece pole. Intended for additional safety against the components, the vile of the pole is glazed with 18 inches of DuPont Corrosion Armor tint. The break-away rim-feature allows you to dunk with power and authority, and its 2ft extension and froth pole pad delivers a safe space for fast and hostile play under the rim. The Silverback 54’s actuator, which is fully steel, authorizes a simple goal height adjustment from 7 and a half to 10 feet. The Zinc-covered hardware protects it from oxidation and decay. The Silverback lets it’s consumers know that it comes with a 7-year builder's limited warranty.

Features and Details

  • 54" x 33" Backboard with 4.8mm tempered glass and aluminum frame
  • 4" x 4" Two-Piece steel pole with Dupont powder coating for rust protection
  • Goal height adjusts from 7.5' to 10' with All-Steel actuator
  • In-Ground mounting features Dupont coating for rust protection below the ground
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Pole Pad and backboard pad included


We have been monitoring this system for some time now and it has been as good as publicized. It is well built and the instructions are very easy to follow. What we found out was that most customers were not able to get the two pieces of the base to slither completely together however, it seems to still work impeccably. We have researched and discovered that the majority of the customers found little to no vibration or shake from the rim , which is very good. Though we mentioned little vibration above in the Cons section, it really is not a big factor, so please forget about that part. It is rock solid after the completion of set-up. We found that people enjoy the lift & lower device. It is very reliable for kids to use. The amazing part is with the help of a couple people one can set this hoop up under 15 minutes.


For its price with free shipping, it’s market competition is unparalleled. The pole sets as a rock. The instructions are very clear. Again, it is under a grand and any larger sized hoop may be an overkill, but not when this compact rock-solid hoop in your backyard!


Minimal vibration, if you are that picky. You do have to consider with the price it comes with you can expect at least that much, but to be technically accurate, the vibration of the backboard might be the only issue. However, this issue is not something we would dwell upon because it is not significant enough. We would try not to promote this on the ‘Cons’ section so keep reading.

Dunkfeed Lounge: Featuring – Silver 54inch Hoop

We are assertive that this is a legit Basketball In-ground hoop system and will definitely last for a long time, even in hot summers and the middle eastern sun. Go have fun with the Silverback 54, bring joy to your family!

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