Portbale Basketball Hoop – Spalding Hercules 52″ Review

The Spalding “The Beast” Basketball hoop system most certainly necessitates at least two people at the time of assembling it safely. The main pole formulates in two parts and is united by fitting one inside the lip of the other, and impacting them on a tussle piece of wood while holding them perpendicularly. The overall guide or instruction manual comes with the package and it is fairly more relaxing if you have few people (friends, family etc) to help you set this masterpiece up.

In our reviews we will always recommend our readers to use sand instead of water after knowing the fact that it keeps the base more stable and is quite unlikely for it to have a leakage or leak out of any small hole.

Features and Details

  • 52" x 32" x 3.5mm acrylic backboard with 1" x 1" steel frame and 16" offset designed for durability in competitive level of play
  • Pro-Glide lift system provides easy height adjustments from 7.5-ft to 10-ft in 6-in increments
  • 3.5" thick vertical steel pole comes in 3 pieces for easier installation
  • Base features 39-gallon ballast (water) and 2 wheels for portability
  • Classic black colored base (check inside of the base for additional parts) suggests every consumer to check the parts before the full installation. If you do find anything on the negative, Spalding is quick to listen and return. It is a drag to set up the whole thing and then find out some defects.


Probably the most stable, portable basketball hoop you can find in the market with its humbled price tag. Not too pricey yet not too cheap either. That does not mean the quality dropped. It is surely intact and impressive. It is worth every penny, even with a lengthy setting up process.


An upgraded version from the ‘Lifetime 1221” series, the Spalding Hercules series, a two wheeler, which is definitely more stable than the 1221, and adds better balance overall. Not as rickety due to the steel frame inside the base of the backboard, thus having a fitting name “Hercules.” Definitely one of the strongest portable hoops in the market today. It seems like it can transform a pavement into an arena. The vertical steel pole comes in 3 pieces for easier installation. You can easily adjust the height from 7.5 – 10 ft.


A friendly reminder to the consumer would be that the ‘set-up’ does not go as far as being rocket science, but the instruction manual for the set-up is quite complex. Hoping for Spalding to look into this and improve it right away! Then perhaps we can move the “cons” section from this portable basketball hoop.

Dunkfeed Lounge: Featuring – Spalding Hercules 52″

We have spent a ridiculous amount of time investigating portable hoops and this was a fantastic choice – an excellent portable system for the money. Does take some time to put together but the instructions were great. Studied the consumer market of the Lifetime portable hoops series before and it seemed to be tougher to put together and the Spalding Hercules 52”. It just seems to be the better quality. For this hoop 8 50lb bags of sand is the perfect amount (sand is better - spent a lot of time researching that, too).

A small iron case and mallet will help push those screws through the holes that have some coating inside them. Of course there are better hoops out there if your budget can handle it however, The Spalding “Hercules” 52” Portable Basketball System is the best for its price.

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  1. How similar is this to the Spalding beast 60 inch portable hoop? I haven’t been able to find a proper review on that system. If this is similar then i might consider buying the beast. Great review btw.

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