Summer Olympics: TEAM USA’s Cruise Ship delight


Countless spectators were waiting along the coast lines and got to see the cruise ship that was carrying the Team USA men's basketball athletes. The ship was guarded by a police motorcade and it touched base. The 5-star ship, or one of the most luxurious cruise ships we would see on which they are staying for the Summer Olympics will be rotating around the coasts of the beach during the FIBA Olympic tournament. The platform, the Silver Cloud, is docked at Pier Maua. It was quite interesting to see at first, when the cruise ship first arrived on base. As the ship drew closer to the base, authorities immediately opened the door and shut it pretty much as quick as the ship moved inside the dock range. On the humor side of things, should we name it a “luxurious security?”

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski was the first one to come out the luxury cruise ship, much delight to the fans, however - it was the presence of new Golden State star Kevin Durant who followed Krzyzewski, that stirred cheers from the group. All the players exchanged waves and were celebrated by the fans also. Team USA basketball did receive a very warm welcome by Brazil on the coast of Rio.. Seven cruiser officers and a SUV went with towards the cruise ship to receive the crew. Not only are the USA mens group residing in the cruise ship, they are not alone, they are also joined by The U.S. ladies' group and their families. Also, all staff from the mens and ladies teams are also staying on the cruise ship.

One big basketball familia ride! A Ladies' ex-player/hall of famer called it "a dream olympic moving hotel."

Andrew Bogut of the Australian National Basketball Team and the current Dallas Mavericks center had some interesting tweets regarding USA’s cruise ship.

Team USA captain Carmelo Anthony’s response on the cruise ship, olympics, and Boguts comments

"All things considered, I don't think our beds (are) much greater than their beds, so I believe we're all having resting issues," Anthony said.

"I do whatever it takes not to look at the two conditions. The Olympic town has dependably been something that we, as players, anticipate going to. We anticipate being there. We anticipate having that experience. Yet, for us and them folks, it's only two unique encounters. It's less about us being and keeping focused pontoon. It's much the same as we would stay in an inn. It's the same thing. Dislike we're cruising around. We're docked. We have the same enhancements as though we're staying in a lodging, so I don't generally see what the (examination is about). The beds are not enormous. The rooms are little. There's a few burdens to keeping focused boat."

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