It is very important to keep your ankles safe. Playing the game you love can come with a price. It can come with sacrifice. And it surely comes with a lot of risks as well. We are here to help you minimize those risks. Why not play basketball without having to worry about a landing after a jump or how your ankles will be minutes after you stepped on the court. Relax and take a step back from your worriedness.

Our Recommended Shoes For Ankle Protection

The basketball shoes that we are recommending you are the best in the business. They will give you the best performance combined with protection, therefore you can play your best game and come out injury free. Take a look and select wisely. Everyone has a different taste!

You can either select from the highs or the lows of this shoe. Whatever the lows give you the highs give you more, obviously, in terms of support. This is a really well balanced shoe. It looks simple. It looks authentic and not so flashy. Maybe that rolls with people these days. Getting away from the fancy, you know? However, these sneakers made the list because no matter how simply cool it looks or how ordinary some may find it to be, when it comes to overall ankle support, they are not a joke.

To maintain the stability and traction all in one go is just outstanding. The fit is great. It locks you down. You are protected. They protect you. You will get that feeling once you wear them. They look simple, yes, they sacrificed the durability part. It can only last long in clean indoor courts. However, they haven’t sacrificed anything in the support department. Crazy Explosive!

Perhaps one of the most customer loyal shoes we can find today. Like the Kyrie 2s, the Rose 7s chooses it’s client. Regardless the shape of your feet, the 7s will choose you. It will fit, perfectly and comfortably. This is one of the most contented shoes Adidas has produced thus far. It is revolutionary, kind of, because Adidas hasn’t been good with sizing and fitting compared to Reebok, UA, and Nike. A good transition from heel to ground and lacing has no issues either. Pretty hard to roll your ankle on the Rose 7s. It is a definite treat!

We want to submit a complaint to the King. Nike Lebron 13s are too protective. They have too much support and protection. We just felt like complaining on anything that is “too much” on anything. Isn’t that the norm?

The numerous stratums that make up the ingredients of this shoe are tremendously supportive, although still providing adequate springiness for speedy guards who are always on their toes. Like the Hyperdunks, the width of the base may deceive you. They are not narrow at all. They look narrow but they are indeed wider than that. We conclude this: Support overload!

7. Under Armour Curry 2.5 :

Under Armour applied your distinctive support structures in the Curry 2. Competing with the Hyperdunks and Rose 6s, it does not fail you. It got you covered with a stable sole-base-platform. Got you covered with Midfoot shank. Outsole acting as an outrigger? Got you covered there as well. Heel safety? Most definitely. Curry 2s are really specific. You feel why Stephen Curry had to make this so in detail and it is a really “careful” shoe. It looks fantastic, yet it is there to protect you. It has the right amount of everything. Hey, Curry hasn’t had an ankle injury in the last 4 years. Maybe you should just go ahead and buy Curry 2s. Don’t even have to think about it. Go, Go!

6. Nike Kyrie 3:

At a glance, these sneakers may seem to have the most casualties. It may seem to disappoint. It may look like it is not so supportive. Yes, it looks great, the style and everything but does it also provide the care for your ankles, like the previous sneakers we have mentioned above the Kyrie 2s? The answer to that is YES. To believe us you have to manage to wear them. That is the best we can do here, give you suggestions. And we suggest the Kyrie 2s, especially for guards.

This shoes pair can be the best pair of shoes you have ever worn. But there is a catch. It takes a while to get used to it. You can perfect it in the first few weeks. Give it some time. It adjusts to you. Funny right? Out of all the people we know, that have worn the Kyrie 2s, so far none of them complained to us about an ankle sprain. That is remarkable. Not all ankle sprains are the shoes fault to begin with. But that is a terrific feat. So, have you decided?

5. Nike Hyperdunk 2016:

What doesn’t the hyperdunks have? Their lacing system is very easy to adjust. The structure of it, their base is very wide. It may look narrow but it can stretch with the size of your foot. That is remarkable. Midfoot shank? definitely. These sneakers a different from others because it gives you all the things you need in terms of support and protection. It also gives you the luxury to be flexible. You can wear them at practice. You can wear them at your full court games. You can wear them in tournaments. You can wear that in your backyard. You can wear them on the worst possible court you got around. This shoe can perform anywhere and not only that. It still manages to protect your ankle. They are so loyal! We should rename them to Hyper-loyalty. Yes!!

4. Adidas D Rose 6:

There is so much going on with the D Rose 6s, their support is really good. Just check the number of sales the 6s have globally. Yes, just because a pair of sneakers sales the most or is the most popular does not make it the best in terms of support. There are filthy shoes who sale more but is absolutely horrendous in terms of traction, balance, and most importantly the support.

However, the D Rose 6s are not in that category. They are absolutely terrific in terms of support & the protection they offer your ankles. The sole-base is flat which upholds solidity and mergers exquisitely with a cushion structure. We recommend you the synthetic leather pairs of the 6s. They will give you the most confined fit. Only wish Derrick Rose had the 6s before he got injured during that MVP season of his. Such a shame.

3. Jordan XXX:

A definite upgrade from the Air Jordan XX9s. Protecting your ankles is first priority in the XXX it seems, well that is why they are on our list here. However, they are best only on clean courts. So, make sure you take extra good care of them and wear them only on courts that are above average clean. These sneakers do not do well on dusty courts. So keep that in mind.

2. Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 1:

Generally the support comes from the upper & fit which is Adidas did an absolute solid job on, can’t complain there at all. The rest of the protection and support is from the sole base area. This was undoubtedly their greatest unexpected quality, knowing their designing was from a decade or two ago, some of the past still lives in the present today, in terms of their supporting materials.

Very impressive thinking and also the past competing with the present is an absolute treat for us. This product is highly ankle protection determined, it dedicates itself for your ankle, so cherish this baby!

1. Under Armor Clutch fit drive:

Moving to Under Armor is probably one of the better decisions made by Stephen Curry for the betterment of his career. The first five years of his career he was the biggest victim of ankle injuries. Under Armor made this shoe pretty balanced when it comes to Ankle Support and Performance. Curry’s ankle problems disappearing speak volumes.

Most of the support is taken care by the upper and fit, although the artificial heel takes care of the rest. Having a flat sole or base services a lot as well, keeping you steady and well balanced at all times.

There is a secret here. Most basketball shoes lasts up to a year or a few years if you are stingy. But its peak ends after the 3rd month of competitive games. Buying shoes under a hundred dollars is a virtuous economical decision. You can perhaps buy two or three pairs with this low budget. You can alternate the shoes if you are a regular player. In this way all three sneakers will last longer and you would not have to spend on basketball shoes every 4 months or so. A good theory is a good theory only when it applies to you. Do consider this tactic, because many of us do this anyway!

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