TOP 5 Greatest NBA Players of All Time

Michael Jordan

Never lost in the NBA finals. Probably the most confident player, other than Kobe Bryant and Russel Westbrook, to ever step into an NBA court. Showed no signs of weakness or doubt in himself.

Michael Jordan did not have multiple Hall of Famers on his team to begin with. His team struggled early against the Pistons in the late 80s. After a good draft night, where they selected Scottie Pippen, Michael finally had some help. Notice, Scottie was drafted, not signed via Free Agency. Few years later the Bulls signed Dennis Rodman, probably the

best veteran rebounder at the time,although undersized. Michael Jordan developed the Chicago Bulls. His team was mediocre but became great because of Michael’s greatness.

We do not see that often these days. He is ranked 1st on this list. Not trying to be generous but he is truly the best of the era where competition emerged again. He has 6 NBA rings. 6 Finals MVP. Finished his career with 30 points per game. Pure player. Pure scorer. Pure decision maker. Pure in confidence. Pure in Greatness. Pure Airness. Pure Jumpman. Pure best. The best. No question! Next!

Wilt Chamberlain

Hall of Famer. He was unquestionably unstoppable. There was no easy way to guard him, no way to guard him at all in the post really. The most dominant player in the history of the game.

We say player here and not bigman, is because he had the ability to change his game when needed. He could assist. He could play defense. Anything he did he was the best. Blocking shots? The best. Rebounding? Not a soul around that was going to rebound over Wilt. There was one season where he averaged around 50 PPG.

He won a ring with the then Philadelphia Warriors. Mediocre to trash team, compared to the mighty Celtics led by Bill Russel. Yet, Chamberlain shined the most and manage to take the trophy home. Went to the Lakers later on to team up with Jerry West and won there too. So, you see, if he had 1-2 allstars on his unit throughout his peak years, we probably would have seen him having more than 11 rings at the least, given everyone being healthy and all that is. It is really difficult to be putting this man as 2nd on this list, trust me.

He scored 100 points in a single game. Should I say more? He is also second in career PPG with 30.07 behind Jordan's 30.12 PPG. No doubt, the most athletic specimen the league has ever seen. The things he was capable of doing at 7 feet, is unheard of. On a good day, for pure force and talent, I would not mind putting him ahead of Jordan on a good day. That is Wilt Chamberlain! Remember the Name!

Kobe Bryant

Probably that is the reason why Michael said that. No doubt at all, Kobe Bryant is one of the most fierce competitors of the post Jordan era. Would probably rank first as the most skilled player after Jordan in the game of basketball.

Represented the Allstar game 18 times in his 20 year career. We can confidently say this about Kobe Bryant: Kobe won championships with the least talented roster. Compared to Jordan, LeBron, Magic, Bird, and Isaiah, Kobe Bryant has won rings with lesser talent. For the majority of his glory days, Kobe was surrounded by only a few Hall of Fame players. 

Most notable would be Shaquille Oneil and Pau Gasol. Shaq and Kobe are perhaps the greatest 1-2 punch in the history of the game. Pau Gasol’s career was saved and made relevant because of Kobe Bryant.

His career was cut short due to injuries. He could’ve played longer if it weren’t for injury. He was the best player in the NBA from 2001-2013. Scored 81 points in a basketball game. Most since Wilt Chamberlain. Greatest Lakers of all time? In my books, yes he is! It is really hard to rank him below 3rd, knowing that he is better and can beat everyone that is listed below this.

Magic Johnson

The Greatest Point Guard to have ever played the game of basketball. He would be ranked higher if there was no Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant for sure. He left the game at the prime of his career, at age 30-31. He had at least 5-7 good years left in him. It was cut short due to HIV-aids. Other than that, 5 time NBA champion.

Represented the 80s with probably the greatest basketball rivalry with Larry Bird, Celtics vs Lakers. Oh boy was that sweet! Revolutionized the game of basketball. These type of players really only appears once in every other decade. Averaged 20 points and 11 assists for his entire career. I am getting reports that this is very controversial in putting Magic at number 4. The pressure on me is to move him up on the list. What do you think?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

9 times NBA allstarPlayed in the league for approximately 20 seasons. Abdul-Jabbar has the most total points scored in the NBA, 38,000+. That is a significant achievement for sure. Although records are meant to be broken, we should not be too focused on stats.

Abdul-Jabbar was a few inches over 7 feet. He had the most lethal and unstoppable move in the history of the NBA. It was called the “Sky Hook.” I mean, his opponents knew what he would do, but still couldn’t stop it. Maybe Wilt got a block here and there but overall, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was an unstoppable force. So smart and so long, combined with his rebounding ability and hook shots. If you would ask me who would I select if I had 1 option and had to score 1 point to save my life. I would go with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Then why do I have him at number 5? Shouldn’t he be at the top on Mount Rushmore? 6 championships. 1 with the Bucks and the other 5 with the Lakers. Heck of an accomplishment. So yea, why do I have him at 5? It is almost blasphemous. I will let you in for a secret. I really think he should be 1a or 2a. It is so difficult to rank these greats. Sigh!

A 19 time NBA All-star. He has played in the league for approximately 20 seasons. Abdul-Jabbar has the most total points scored in the NBA, 38,000+. That is a significant achievement for sure. Although records are meant to be broken, we should not be too focused on stats.

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